Until now, I never...
Sent a Video to America’s Funniest Videos


As we were having dinner, once again, I announced that I didn’t have an ‘I Never’ for the day and asked for help.  So we did a little brainstorming and decided that we should upload a funny video to the AFV site.  So we looked at the videos on the computer and decided to submit the one of the kids Kung Fu fighting in the kitchen.  Then we went to AFV.com, filled in all of the forms, uploaded the video, filled in some more forms, and that’s that.  Who knows what’ll happen.  And then we looked at a few more videos and found a super cute one of Miles that maybe we’ll also submit.  Are these videos as funny as we think they are, or is it just because they’re our kids we think they’re hysterical?  Here are the videos: