Until now, I never...
Sent Fabric Designs to Spoonflower

tiled weeds

Several months ago I took a fabric design class at Makerhaus and spent some time creating a few patterns, but I never created the finished project.  My intention was to silk-screen them onto fabric, but that’s a pretty big endeavor, so the projects languished.

After taking the Krypton course I decided I wanted to get back on track with fabric design and decided to send a couple of my designs to Spoonflower just to see how they might look on fabric.  Spoonflower is an on-line store where you can upload your designs and have them printed on fabric, wall-paper, wrapping paper, or decals.  It’s not cheap – the fabric starts at $15.75 per yard – but you can order test samples and fat quarters for less, which is what I did, so I can see how they look before committing to a larger quantity.

Click here to see how they print on the fabric.  I should get my order in about 10 days.  I can’t wait!!