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Sent Nadine’s Designs to Spoonflower to be Printed onto Fabric

turquoise swirl

When I was looking through Nadine’s notebook of sketches and drawings I asked her if she’d like to turn any of her cool patterns into fabric, and she said, “Sure, but what would I do with it?”  I told her we could make a bag like we did last year, and that I’d use one of my patterns too and make a bag with her.  She loved the idea.  So we scanned in her picture and then opened it up in Photoshop so we could get it set up for uploading to the Spoonflower site.

I showed her how we needed to crop it down to size and touch it up a bit, and she was totally amazed by what you could do in PhotoShop.  We ended up adjusting the hue and saturation quite a bit – she was amazed by how she could play around with the color and intensity – and we modified it to be a checkerboard pattern.  Then we decided to make another pattern out of the same design but with different colors to make coordinating fabric for the inside of the bag.  It was so much fun, especially when we uploaded it to Spoonflower and she could get a sense of what the overall design would look like.

I think it’s so amazing that we can make our own fabric like this, and how we are going to end up making a bag that is completely custom – designed and made by Nadine herself.   I thinks it’s going to be really exciting to see where this customizable world goes!

The thumbnail picture is the design for the inside of the bag, and here’s the before and after patterns for the fabric that will be on the outside of the bag:

Nadine's pattern - original design

This is Nadine’s original design scanned in from her notebook.

Nadine Checkerboard Swirls

This is how she changed it and what we uploaded to Spoonflower.