Until now, I never...
Set Up USTVNow to Stream Broadcast TV through my Roku

i love my rokue

Yesterday I threw up my hands trying to get Broadcast TV set up with an antenna so that we could watch the Olympics.  Today I solved the problem by finding a Roku Channel we could add called USTVNow.  Hooray!!!!!

There are probably only three things I would want to ever watch on Broadcast TV:  The Seahawks play in the Superbowl, the Olympics, and the Acadamy Awards.  And now I can.  I just set up an account on-line and then added the USTVNow channel to my Roku.  Easy Peasy.  Way better than setting up that ugly antennae thing.  I’m not sure that I’m set up exactly for the right time zone, but that’s okay.  Now I get the main broadcast channels:  ABC, CBS, NBC, and Fox, and I’m happy.

I love my Roku!