Until now, I never...
Sewed a Garmet from a Vintage (1965) Pattern


A very long time ago I bought a 1965 vintage sewing pattern at Goodwill for 25 cents and have always wanted to make the outfit.  Now that I had my sewing studio all set up for making pillows, and my friend is having a 60s themed birthday party (tonight!), I finally had a reason to make it.  So I bought some cool kind-of 60s looking fabric (brown with really big paislies on it), read the directions over and over, figured out how to adjust the sizing for me, and got busy.  Nadine and I have been watching Project Runway a lot lately, and so I liked to imagine I was on the show, sewing like crazy to meet my deadline.  There was a big difference though – I had very little experience sewing garments and so some of the steps, like installing a side zipper, sewing in the capped sleeves, making button holes, and gathering the skirt, were quite puzzling to me.  Thank goodness for YouTube to get visual instruction on all of these problems, and so I chugged along, finally finishing my garment today, just in time for the party!

Well, it wasn’t exactly completely finished.  I couldn’t, for the life of me, get the button-hole maker on my machine to work.  I tried it a million times, and had to finally throw in the towel.  So when it was time for me to head over to the party, where I was going to meet Todd and the kids, I put on the skirt, thew on a t-shirt, threw the top in a bag along with a handful of safety pins, grabbed my huge tray of deviled eggs and a bottle of wine, and drove over.  When I got there I asked a friend if she would help me get my top on (the guy she was talking to said, “I’ll do it for you!”) because it buttoned (or pinned rather) down the back and there was no way I could do it myself.  So she helped me out, and hooray! – mission accomplished – I was able to wear my 60s garment.  And I loved it.  I love wearing brown, and it was totally comfortable and great to dance the night away in.  And now I have an even greater appreciation for what the contestants on Project Runway are put through when they have to make an amazing garment in just on day!

I didn’t take any pictures of me in my dress, but here’s one a friend of mine texted to me, of Todd (who pulled of an awesome 60s look himself) and I cutting it up on the dance floor:

dancing in my new dressAnd here it is laid out on my bedroom floor:

1965 garment