Until now, I never...
Shared my Blog with a Group


I love blogging.  I love writing, posting pictures, and seeing it all come together out there in cyberspace.  I like seeing the trail of my life in blog posts.  And I totally don’t mind if people don’t read my blog.  In fact, I’m pretty blog shy.  I don’t talk about it much or share it freely with people.  What’s up with that?

think I’ve gotten completely over the fear of blogging, but sharing my blog is another thing.  I just don’t want to seem pretentious, or boastful, or most of all, make anyone feel like they have to read it.  But the other day, a friend who has been super enthusiastic about the ‘I Never’ idea, asked me to send a link to my blog to everyone copied on the email she’d sent, and I said okay.  That was the first time I’d ever sent it to a group of people like that, and I got so many nice compliments.  And it felt great.  But I’m still blog shy.