Until now, I never...
Signed Up for the “Buy Nothing Project”


Ever since I read The Zero Waste Home I’ve been upping my purging activities (although you’d never know from the looks of my house), bringing carloads of stuff to Goodwill.  But there’s some stuff that’s just hard to bring to the Goodwill, like the two old river kayaks hanging in our carport.  They’ve been collecting dust for years and we need to get rid of them.  I will probably just post them on Craigslist.com at some point, but recently my friend told me about the “Buy Nothing Project” which you sign up through Facebook.  Then you post stuff you want to give away, people contact you, and hopefully come and get it.  Or you can get their stuff.  And it’s all kinds of stuff.  Like tomato plant starters, craft supplies, or even left-over soup.  It feels more like friendly sharing than it does posting something for free, and it’s just fun to check out what people are sharing.  So I signed up.  Why not?