Until now, I never...
Skitched Miles All the Way Home from School on his Skateboard


The kids love skateboarding to school.  It down hill almost the whole way.  But coming home is another story.  The past few times they’ve skateboarded to school I’ve had to pick them up in the car because it was raining.  But not today.  Today Nadine went to a friends house and I needed to get Miles home quickly and off to karate.  But that kid is slow as molasses when it comes to getting from point A to point B.  So I told him to grab on the back of my bike, and I’d skitch him home.  He was thrilled and I was surprised at how fast I could actually pull him.  He hung on the whole way, even jumped off some curbs.  I got an extra bonus workout.  And we got to karate on time.  Miraculous!