Until now, I never...
Soaked in the Banff Hot Springs


After several days exploring Glacier National Park, we headed north into Alberta, Canada to explore Banff National Park.  The drive from Glacier to Banff was incredibly and we saw mountain goats, big horn sheep, and a bear.  Pretty exciting stuff.  But after six hours in the car and setting up camp, we didn’t have a lot of energy left for anything to exerting, and so we decided to hit the hot springs.  Plus we hadn’t had a shower in a while and I was pretty sure this was a good opportunity to freshen up a bit.

Clearly we weren’t the only ones with this idea, and the pool was crowded, but it didn’t matter.  The hot springs felt amazing, the view from the pool was outstanding, and we all loved it.  We probably stayed in too long, and got pretty red in the face.  But we probably would have stayed even longer if a thunder storm hadn’t chased us out.  Thank you mother nature!  You saved me from pleading and begging and dragging my kids out of the hot springs.