Until now, I never...
Sold my Pillows at an Art Fair

So Fashion - Art in the Garden Display

Today was the big day – my first pillow sale!  I was a bit nervous, and pretty convinced that I wouldn’t sell anything, but I tried to keep an “it is what is” attitude.  It was my first time really putting myself out there like that – creating something with the hopes that other people will like it – and I had that very common fear of not being liked or not being understood.  But, as with this I Never project, I am trying to get more and more comfortable pushing my boundaries, moving outside of my comfort zone, and this sale was a big one.  Well, it was a big one in terms of facing my fears, but it was a small one in terms of selling my craft.

Originally I had set my goal to sell my pillows at the Urban Craft Uprising, a huge bi-annual craft fair at Seattle Center that I adore, but the people who sell at that sale are professional crafters, with great websites and well visited etsy stores, and lots of inventory.  I have none of that, so I shifted gears and decided to start small, and build to that, maybe participating in the Urban Craft Uprising next summer.  We’ll see.  For now I need to learn more about how to run my pillow business, and the Art in the Garden sale was a perfect way to take some baby steps.

You can read more about how the sale went here.