Until now, I never...
Spent an Entire Day Making Christmas Cards


It would be so much easier if a few weeks before Christmas I could just pick a family photo and upload it to one of the thousands of greeting card services on the web.  Problem is, well there are several:  First is that, with the exception of Nadine, I don’t have a very photogenic family.  Second is that we never take family photos.  Thirdly, I really like to make my own cards.  So once a year I go with a friend to a place called the Vera Project to silkscreen my Christmas cards.  Before I can start silk-screening though, I need to create a design, have it printed on a transparency at Kinkos, and have my paper and ink.

This year my card design was some simple birch trees I’d made when Miles and I were drawing together, that I then scanned.  But now I had to manipulate it in Photoshop to get inverted colors and the right dimensions, go to Kinkos, get ink, go to the Vera Project, burn my screen, then print my cards.  Usually this process goes smoothly, but today everything went wrong:  I had to go to several placed to find the right ink and traffic was horrendous; I had to go back to Kinko’s to get a darker transparency;  When I burned my screen someone else’s screen leaked emulsion all over mine and I had to do it again, which takes half an hour;  Worst of all, one of the silkscreen tables was broken so I had to share one with my friend.  I started this project at noon and didn’t get home until 11pm.  Ridiculous.  But fun!  Being at the Vera Project is always so inspirational, and I love the silk-screening process.

Now all I have to do is take a family photo to include, have it developed, fold, glue, stuff, and mail them!