Until now, I never...
Spent an Entire Summer Day at Home


Our typical summer day is to hang around the house in the morning, then after lunch head out and do something – usually swim at Greenlake.  But today Miles and I got up early and drove to Marysville to pick up my two nephews, who are spending a couple days with us.  We got home at around 9am, and instantly the kids hopped on their scooters and headed out to the alley.  Hooray!  But it wasn’t long before they came inside and asked if they could watch TV (seriously?) and I said, “No way!”  So they went into Miles room, grabbed a couple of bins of Legos, and headed to the basement to create.  And there they remained for hours.  Nadine, being the only girl, tried her best to partake, but Legos just aren’t her bag.  Lately, when she’s bored she turns to cooking, so she started looking up recipes.  I said, “Nadine, you have been making cookies, and pie, and crisps every day – I don’t think I can take any more sweets.”  So she asked if she could make some silly putty (she calls it ‘Yack’), and I said sure.  And so for the whole day the kids just entertained themselves while I did some web work, some pillow work, and painted a chair.  Wow, what a day!  See ya tomorrow Greenlake!