Until now, I never...
Spent So Much on Footwear

new frye boots

Six years ago I bought some tall black boots for a trip we were going on.  It was winter, I needed to look nice, and we’d be walking a lot.  Fortunately I found the perfect pair, and I have loved them dearly for six years.  But the last time I brought the to the cobbler for repair, he said to me, “I don’t mind fixing your boots, but you really should start looking for another pair.  There’s only so much I can do.”  Drat.  I didn’t want to look for a new pair of boots, much less fork out the dough for some.

But then I saw them.  Walking quickly through the shoe department at Nordstrom a month or so ago they whispered to me, “I am on sale, and we are meant to be together.”  So I looked at the price – $349 – minus 20% – made them $279.  Oh no.  Much too much.  I walked on.

But then Fall arrived and the zipper on my old boots was broken.  So I looked on-line, found those boots, and, good grief, they were full price everywhere I looked.  So I looked for a cheaper version.  Of course nothing would do.  So, I started working on how I could justify this purchase, and it didn’t take long.

First off, I hadn’t bought myself anything new since I quit my job a year and 4 months ago.  Secondly, I had two gift cards I hadn’t used.  One for $150, and another for $60, so if I applied those, the boots would really only cost $139.  So I headed down to Nordstrom, tried them on, and went home with them.  The adorable girl who sold them to me said, “These are my favorite boots.  You got the best ones.”  I couldn’t agree more…