Until now, I never...
Spent the Entire Day on Silk-Screening


Tonight I was going to the Vera Project to burn some more screens for some new pillow projects I have in mind, but in order to make the most of my time there, I decided to do some more silk-screening at home with the screen I currently have.  Then I could bring in those pieces with me and make use of the big heat-setting machine they have there, instead of ironing each piece myself at home.

So I got my silk-screen table all set up, cut and ironed all of my fabric, and got busy.  I guess I was feeling a little too confident, and I forgot to add tape to the sides of my screen, and ended up getting ink all over the place.  What a dope!  (But I’ll probably never make that mistake again.)  So I had to clean everything up and start over.  Okay, finally I got rolling, and silk-screened about 30 or so fabric squares.  And they came out great.  I’m totally getting the hang of this, and finally figured out that to get a good even application on the fabric you have to put a lot of pressure on the squeegee, and pass over the paint multiple times.  It’s actually quite a workout.

Next I had to get my new images off my computer and put them onto a thumb drive.  Then I headed over to Kinkos to get them printed onto transparencies.  Because I am making 18″ x 18″ inch pillows, my images are large and they don’t fit onto just one 11″ x 17″ transparency, so when I got to Kinkos it took some time making them print out onto two transparencies I could use.  Finally I headed over to Vera, and wow, it was busy there.

There was a couple there printing stuff for their wedding (so cute!), a college student printing on fabric she was making into scarves to sell at graduation, another girl making bandanas to sell at the Sasquatch festival, a stand-up comedian making posters for his show, and another guy making the most unbelievable t-shirts.  I love chatting with everyone there and learning about what they’re making.  But it since it was full I had to wait my turn to use the equipment, and burning my four screens took forever.

The first three screens I did went really smoothly, but the fourth screen didn’t come out at all.  When I went to the sink to wash out the emulsion, it started peeling off in places.  Darn it!  I guess I put the emulsion on too thick and it didn’t dry fully before I started rinsing.  Oh well.  Live and learn.  I didn’t have time to re-do it, so I guess I’ll be coming back.  It was 8pm, and I was exhausted and starving, so I went home and tried to focus on the positive.  It had been a super full day covering all of the aspects of silk-screening, and I learned a ton.