Until now, I never...
Started an On-Line Class on Hand Lettering


I loved the last class I took on SkillshareThe New Business Toolbox:  Help Your New Business Do It Right The First Time.  So when I saw the were offering a class on hand lettering – The First Steps of Hand-Lettering: Concept to Sketch (Lettering I), I decided to sign up.  The class teaches how to your hand lettering and drawings and make them into a beautiful way of presenting a quote, word, or phrase.  I’ve decided I want to hand-letter a phrase that I’ll put on a pillow:  “Sit down, and stay awhile,” and so I’m using that as my class project.  I also would like to use hand-lettering for my business name and logo for my pillow operation, once I’ve got that all figured out.

Today I completed the first two lessons of the class:  “Exploring Inspiration”, and “Basics of Lettering”.  The lessons are pretty short – just of few videos of the instructor teaching and demonstrating, and then I have to do my own work.  So far that has meant putting my inspiration together, and thank goodness for the internet, because I didn’t have to go too far to put together a file folder of images with examples of the look and feel, lettering, and colors that inspire me for my project.  I haven’t actually done any sketching yet, but that is next!  I hope I get a usable illustration out of this class, because I’m really loving it.