Until now, I never...
Started Tracking my Time Using the Toggl App


I’m slightly obsessed with tracking my time.  I’m juggling so many things right now:  web development, bookkeeping, silk-screening and pillow-making, blogging, and momming and I want to know where the bulk of my time goes. Some of this time is time is billed for, but most of it isn’t. So I also want to compare the time I’m billing to the actual time.  Plus I think it’s just really interesting to have a look at your days, weeks, and months over time.

I have, in the past, tracked my time in a notebook and then converted it to an excel spreadsheet, like in this old post.  But that’s too time consuming.  So I started looking for an app that would be faster and easier, and I think I’ve found one.  It’s called Toggl.  And I love it!

I’ve set up clients and projects, and then whenever I start something new I can put a description and/or select and project and client, and then start the timer.  When I move onto the next thing I stop the timer, and then start it again for a new project.  Then I can see really pretty reports showing me where I spent my time.

Here’s what my day looked like today:

my day on toggl