Until now, I never...
Stayed at Greenlake Until 10pm Three Nights in a Row


Wow, it stays light until so late these days, and my kids don’t seem to want to ever stop swimming, or jumping off the diving boards at Greenlake.  And why should I should make them?  They have nothing to do tomorrow, except come back to Greenlake to meet up with their friends.  So for the past three nights we’ve stayed at Greenlake until the sun went down.  On Monday night we stayed to hear our friend’s bluegrass band that plays on Monday nights on the lawn near the Bathhouse Theater, and I ran across the street to the PCC to get snacks for dinner.  On Tuesday night we stayed until we were chased away by a thunder storm.  And tonight I ordered a bunch of pizzas and had them delivered to Greenlake, and we had a little pizza party with a bunch of friends.  As the sun sets we pack up all of our stuff and head off to the car, while the pot smokers are just settling in.  Ahhh…. Seattle in the summertime.