Until now, I never...
Stenciled Ink onto Fabric


I’ve been so excited about my silk-screening adventures, that I decided to branch out and try and do a little stenciling with my silk-screen fabric ink.  I read how to do this in a book I love called Printing by Hand, but instead of using my own design and creating my own stencil, I decided to use one I already had – something I bought ages ago at Joanne’s – a plastic stencil of a couple of birds.  I used my special stencil brush, and followed the instructions in the book, however I didn’t use anything to adhere the stencil, and that was a mistake.  The stencil was slippery and the ink bled through a bit.  So while it didn’t come out great and it’s not anything I would ever use, I do like the way the black ink on the colorful fabric looks.  So I’ll just tuck that idea away for a while, and try it again some time when I have an actual project in mind.