Until now, I never...
Swam Across Greenlake and Back


This ‘I Never’ has been on my list since last summer, but last summer I waited too long and before I knew it it was practically fall, and Greenlake started to get that pea soup look to it.  So I decided to wait until this summer to complete this one, and even this summer I’ve waited til the last minute.  Fortunately I’ve had two amazingly supportive friends to keep me on track with this ‘I Never’ project, and there was no way that my friend Piper, who loves to swim across the lake and does it regularly, was going to let me back out it. So we made a date for the big swim, and today was the big day.  Nadine wanted to go too, which was awesome, but I told her she had to wear a life jacket, to which she replied, “I know.”

It was a beautiful summer day with lots of friends at the lake, so Miles had his buddies to play with and barely noticed that we were gone for well over an hour.  I think it was about a mile across for the route we took, and I’m not really sure we can classify what we did as “swimming”.  It was more like leisurely dog-paddling with a whole lot of talking.  But it was such a gorgeous day and the water was a perfect temperature and the scenery lovely.  We swam all the way across, got yelled at by the lifeguards on the other side since Nadine wasn’t supposed to be in the swimming area with a life jacket on, turned around and came back.  So that’s a two mile swim!  When we got back, I said, “Wow, that was awesome!  Why was I so afraid to do that?”  And of course I was really proud of Nadine for doing it with us.