Until now, I never...
Taught the Kids to Leg-Wrestle


Did you leg-wrestle when you were a kid?  My sister and I used to all the time.  I remember leg-wrestling in the front hall-way and when things got a little rough and my dad would say, “Someone is going to end up in tears!”  And he was probably right.  But it was still fun.

The other day at the play-ground my friend said she had just shown her kids how to leg-wrestle and I immediately said, “Oh my god, I have to teach my kids to leg-wrestle!  I loved leg-wrestling!”  She said, “Me too, it’s so much fun.”

So after our after-school activities I got out the gymnastics mat in the basement and demonstrated the fine of art of leg-wrestling with Nadine as my partner.  She wasn’t much of a contender though.  I could flip her over in two seconds.  But then she tried it with her brother and oh boy does she have strong little legs.  Then Todd got home and got in on the action.  He is the family champion, easily beating any of us.  But it’s still fun.

If you don’t know how to leg-wrestle, a quick search on YouTube is all you need to get started with this awesome family sport.