Until now, I never...
Took a Slow-Motion Video of Myself

from here to eternity

Again, today I had the conundrum of coming up with an I Never, as it was our first day at the beach and all anyone wanted to do was play in the water all day. What could I do in the water that I’d never done before? Hmmmm, I thought about it for a while, and then it came to me. I would make a slow motion video of me doing something in the water. But I needed help. So I asked Todd if he would be in the video with me, and I asked my BFF Barb if she’d take a slow motion-motion video of us. Her immediate response was, “I will not take a slow-motion video of you guys having sex!” I told her we’d keep it clean. Here’s the final result:

Can you believe I put a video of me in my bathing-suit on my blog?  Yipes!  I really can’t either.  Talk about an I Never!