Until now, I never...
Took Down the Christmas Tree Myself


When the new year comes along all of a sudden the holidays just end.  And the Christmas tree knows this.  It starts looking tired and litters it’s pine needles all over the living room.  So it’s time to find a place for all the presents lingering under the tree, take down the tree, and put Christmas back in the attic.

Usually I put everything else away and let Todd deal with the Christmas tree, but this year our tree weighed about 5 pounds and had a 3 inch diameter trunk, so after removing the ornaments and lights, I unscrewed the stand, grabbed the tree with one hand, and chucked it out the front door.  Then I vacuumed, put all of the furniture and plants back where they belonged, and smiled.  I love having my house back to it’s pre-holiday state.  Now we can start the new year!