Until now, I never...
Took my Child to the Emergency Room

red cross

It’s kind of astounding that in our 9 years of having children, we haven’t had to take them to the emergency room.  Until this fateful evening, that is.  It was around 8:15 p.m. and Miles had just come home from his basketball game, and Nadine was in the living room, having just helped me cut up and glue around 50 helping hands for the school’s charitable holiday gift-giving program.  I was in the kitchen cleaning up, when Nadine came in with a terrified look on her face, her mouth wide open just like when she was a baby, about to cry her head off, but no sound was coming out – yet.

Then she started crying and asking, “Is there a cut on my head?”  I could see the blood dripping and when I looked closer I was horrified at how big and deep the cut was.  So I got a paper towel and applied some pressure to it, and shouted, “Todd, you’d better come up here!”  and he took over while I called the consulting nurse.  God I love the consulting nurse.  They pick up right away and tell you just what to do.  This nurse told us to go straight to the emergency room, and so we did.

Nadine cried the whole way there saying there, “I don’t want stitches!” and “I want to turn back time and make this not happen!”  Oh boy.  Fortunately Swedish Medical Center is only 5 minutes away, and when we go there the place was empty so they took care of her right away.  And most fortunately, Nadine didn’t need stitches.  The super nice doctor said that it was a deep cut, but not jagged, and so she would just use a little glue and some tape and she would heal up with no problem.  A huge relief!

We were back home by 9:20 p.m., exhausted, but now Nadine was freaked out about going to school the next day.  She said she didn’t want everyone staring at her and having to tell them the story of what happened.  I told her to make up something creative, and so she decided to tell people that she was playing rough with her pet unicorn and got poked in the head.  What really happened?  Apparently she was leaning on the back of the arm chair in the living room and it tipped over, her face hit the ground, and the nose pad on her glasses cut into her forehead, right next to her right eyebrow.  Yipes.  Hopefully there won’t be too bad of a scar.