Until now, I never...
Took my Daughter to a Puberty Seminar


A few weeks ago a friend on mine who has a daughter Nadine’s age ask a few of us if we’d like to go to the “For Girls Only” seminar at Children’s hospital.  My initial reaction was Why would I pay someone to talk about puberty?  I can do this myself.  Then I talked to some other moms who had been to this seminar and they all said, “You have to go.”  So I signed us up.  And it was amazing.  Here’s why:

Nadine was a little shy about going, but going with her friends made her feel like We’re in this together.  Also, there was a room full of other girls and their moms, all around the same age, so look, all of these girls are going to go through this and all of these moms have been through it.  And then there was the speaker and the content, and the way she presented this material was brilliant.  I don’t think I would have ever been able to talk to my daughter in such a smart and funny way.  Plus here we were, in a room for two hours, giving her our full attention.  That definitely wouldn’t happen at home.

Before the break the girls wrote down one question and gave it to our awesome speaker, and when we got back from the break she answered them.  So the girls got their questions answered, but also got to hear all of the other questions that they didn’t think of answered. And the moms got to hear what the girls are wondering about.

What I loved best about the class was that a lot of what was presented was presented as a choice.  For instance, she said that if we put all of the women in the world into this room and said, “All of you that shave your body hair can leave,” that most of the women would leave.  But if you do chose to shave your legs, here are some things to consider…

I’m so glad we went, and I’m so glad the girls went together.  Now they have a framework and language to talk to each other, and hopefully Nadine will feel comfortable talking to me as well.  And I have a way better grasp on how to talk to her.

Here’s a link to the class for you to check out:  For Girls Only: A Heart-to-Heart Talk on Growing Up.