Until now, I never...
Took Old Greg (Our New/Old Subaru) Up to the Mountains


“Old Greg” is what we call our new/old Subaru.  We bought him from our neighbors when they were moving, after our old/old Subaru died in Boise Idaho.  He’s not a good looking car, and I wasn’t all that keen on buying him.  I prefer cute modern cars.  However I don’t like paying for them.   Old Greg isn’t really ugly; he’s just very beige – inside and out – and old looking.  That’s why we call him “Old Greg” – after a messed up YouTube video called “Old Greg“, where they talk about drinking Kahlua, or “the creamy beige”.

Fortunately I haven’t had to drive Old Greg much.  I mostly ride my bike around, and Todd does too.  But if he does drives to work he takes Old Greg, so I can have the nicer green Subaru.  But now the green Subaru is acting up, and fixing it costs more that the value of the car.  So now we just use old greeny to drive around town, and if we want to go skiing, we need to take reliable Old Greg up to the mountains.

So today I decided to take the kids to Crystal Mountain while Todd was at work, and so I had to take Old Greg.  Ugh.  But you know what?  Old Greg is the bomb!  He may not be handsome, but his All-Wheel-Drive rocks in the snow, and it’s kind of nice to drive an automatic for a change.  I felt completely safe and happy driving Old Greg to the mountains, and the fact that we bought him for $1200 and it’s cheap to insure him, makes me even happier.