Until now, I never...
Took the Kids Kayaking


This was a pretty last minute trip, but it was a phenomenal way to spend our last weekend of summer vacation.  We weren’t sure if the kids would be able to navigate these large boats, but they did great.  We went with another family and did just a short paddle in the San Juan Islands.  We took the ferry to Lopez Island and then paddled about four miles to a place called Blind Island, which is right next to Shaw Island.  The tides, the wind, and the weather were on our side, and the kids did great.  We saw huge jelly fish, seals, and salmon jumping along the way.  We towed a couple of the kids through some of the tougher spots and took it slow, but we made it.  And on the ferry ride home we saw a pod of orca whales.  The San Juans are magical.