Until now, I never...
Took the True Colors Personality Test


I had lunch with my friend Kathy the other day and she told me about a personality test she and the members of her team at work had taken.  I just love these kind of things, so I asked her to send me the test, which she did.  The test only takes a few minutes to take, so I took it right away.  After filling in my answers and tallying up my scores, I found out that I am a blue, then a orange/green, and then a gold.

What does that mean?  According to the test, blues are:

  • Are in search of themselves
  • Need to feel unique
  • Must be true to themselves
  • Look for symbolism
  • Value close relationships
  • Encourage expression
  • Desire quality time with loved ones
  • Need opportunities to be creative
  • Compromise and cooperate
  • Nurture people, plants and animals
  • Look beyond the surface
  • Share emotions
  • Make decisions based on feelings
  • Need harmony
  • Are adaptable
  • Are drawn to literature
  • Are drawn to nurturing careers
  • Get involved in causes
  • Are committed to ideals
  • Bring unity to society

That sounds about right!  I scored a 15 in the blue category, but came not far behind in the orange/green category, scoring 13s in each of those.  What I definitely am not is a gold.

I had my friends/office-mates take the test and they are blues too, which I think is interesting.

Click this link and take the test yourself.   (And let me know what color you are!)