Until now, I never...
Took Two Girls Skateboarding Around Greenlake


It was a perfect fall day and we needed to get out of the house and get some fresh air and exercise, so the kids each grabbed a friend and we headed to Greenlake.  The boys brought their skateboards.  The girls borrowed the boys’ scooters.  But within 5 minutes of skateboarding the boys said “We want our scooters back” and the girls were left with the skateboards.  Uh oh.  But, believe it or not, those girls, who never really skateboarded before, rode those skateboards 2.8 miles all around the entire lake, and loved it.  Mia left saying, “I’m going to ask for a skateboard for Christmas!” and Nadine said she wanted to start skateboarding to and from school.  Girls on skateboards rock.