Until now, I never...
Tried Not to Talk All Day


I talk a lot.  I need to listen more.  And I need to listen better.  I thought that was what this ‘I Never’ was going to be about.  But it wasn’t.  Because if I’m not talking at all, and other people know I’m intentionally not talking, it just sets up an unnatural dynamic that doesn’t turn me into ‘the great listener’.  But I loved this challenge because of the way my kids responded to it, and because of the way I interacted with them.  When I went to the playground to pick them up, they became my voice, and they explained to people why I wasn’t talking.  So so sweet.  And when they wanted something, they came close and looked directly at me, so they could get a head shake ‘yes’ or ‘no’.  And when it was time to go, I didn’t shout.  I found them, and put my arm around them and gestured.

What else was surprising about this challenge was how hard it was.  That’s why I titled it “Tried Not to Talk’ instead of “Didn’t Talk”.  Because when we got home from school I started playing Legos with Miles in his room.  My mind was totally relaxed and after a bit I just blurted out, “Did you fart?”, and he blurted back, “You talked!!!!”  Dang it.