Until now, I never...
Tried to be a Lefty


Wow, this was hard!  When I got dressed in the morning I put my watch on my right hand, which felt pretty awkward, but it served as my reminder for me to use my left hand for the day.  The next thing I tried to do was put a pony tail in my hair.  Impossible!  There was no way I could switch my hands and use my left hand to put in the hair band – or at least there was no way I could do it and make it look okay.

Next came eating breakfast, which wasn’t too bad, just slower (a good thing) but after breakfast I got on the computer and that darn mouse was so tricky, although it got better with practice.  It was actually really challenging just to remember to use my left hand.  My subconscious is very reliant on my right hand, so I told the kids to keep an eye on me, which helped.  Surprisingly one of the hardest things to do was to navigate my iPhone with my left hand.  It drove me crazy.

Overall, I liked this challenge.  It made me slow down, and I think it gave my right brain a good workout.  One thing I didn’t do was write with my left hand.  That probably would have made me crazy.  But I will definitely try this again.

Did you know that Barack Obama is a lefty?  My husband is ambidextrous, as was Albert Einstein, Benjamin Franklin, and Leanardo DaVinci.  Pretty good company I’d say…