Until now, I never...
Tried to Cancel a Priceline Reservation

priceline makes me sad

The day started out so well, with Miles and I goofing around, talking in silly voices.  I got really into talking with a French accent and Miles suggested that my ‘I Never’ for today should be to speak with a French accent all day.  Was it possible?  I said I’d try.  But I didn’t get too far…

When I got to my office I decided to make a car rental reservation for my upcoming trip to Palm Springs.  I looked at a few travel sites, but everything was much more expensive than I’d ever paid – almost $300 for 5 days instead of the $150 we’d paid last year.  So I decided to try Priceline, even though a drawback with Priceline is that you can’t just make a reservation, you have to give them your credit card and pay up front.  But I got a price of $220 and decided to go for it.

One second after I clicked the “Purchase” button, I checked my email for a confirmation, and noticed an email from my friend, who is traveling with me, that said her husband was able to make a reservation for just $150.  Dang it!

So I called Priceline up – not two minutes after I’d made the reservation – and begged them to cancel it.  They refused.  I was on the phone for about 15 minutes, but the lady I spoke to wouldn’t budge, no matter how I pleaded.  She said that there are absolutely no refunds.  I asked her if she’d ever given a customer a refund and she replied “I can only address your issue.”  She said wouldn’t transfer me to anyone else to talk to.  So, after trying every angle I could imagine, I gave up.

I thought briefly of calling my credit card company and seeing if they could help me, but I really didn’t want to spend any more time on this problem.  Instead I decided I would never ever ever ever use Priceline again.  Never!  They ruined my morning which had started out so well.  The ruined my ‘I Never’ since there was no way I was going to argue with them in a fake French accent.  And I am baffled as to why they wouldn’t help me in the slightest.  Obviously they are not the cheapest option.