Until now, I never...
Tried to Hook Up an Antenna to Receive Broadcast TV

Old TV

This is not what I wanted my ‘I Never’ to be today.  I wanted my ‘I Never’ to be: silk-screening a repeat pattern on fabric for the first time.  But the night didn’t turn out as planned, and there just wasn’t time.  One reason there wasn’t time was because I became obsessed with getting the TV set up so we can watch the Olympics.  Ever since I moved the TV out of the former TV room and into the living room, we lost our ability to hook up to  cable – which I consider a good thing, but that means no live broadcast TV either.  That also means no Winter Olympics, and we love the Olympics.

So I went to Radio Shack and they sold me a digital antenna.  They said it would work with my TV if I have a new-ish flat screen HDTV.  We bought ours back in 2006 and it is a flat screen HDTV.  But after spending way too much time connecting the antenna to the TV (not fun) and trying to get it to work (which it wouldn’t), I found out (after painstaking internet searching) that our TV actually has an analog tuner.  WTF?   So apparently now I need to spend another $50 to get a digital to analog converter.  Really?  There’s got to be a better way.  Hopefully I’ll figure it out.  Good grief….