Until now, I never...
Visitied Gulfport and Billoxi, Mississippi


Today was our last day at the beach:  the day we pack up, clean up, and check out of our house by 10 a.m.  The rest of my family travels by car and is eager to hit the road, but since we fly we often have a good portion of the day to kill before catching our flight.  This year we were flying out of Gulfport/Billoxi and so we decided we’d explore the area before heading to the airport.  We had flown into Gulfport the summer after Huricane Katrina had hit, and the airport which had been hit hard was pretty much completely exposed to the outdoors.  That was nine years ago, and today there’s not much evidence of Katrina left.  Although I thought it was interesting, as we drove along the coast, to see all of the waterfront property for sale – just empty lots where houses used to stand – and then a few houses, beautiful old southern houses, here and there that had survived.  And then there were the huge casinos, hotels, and touristy places that had all been rebuilt.  And some major money had obviously gone towards the marina, which was amazing.  Since we didn’t feel much like gambling or hitting the beach, we just drove around, then hit the “In and Out” burger place for lunch, then headed to the airport.  But I’m glad we visited.  It’s so different from where we live.