Until now, I never...
Walked to Dinner in Ballard

walking in the moonlight

It’s only 1.7 miles from our house, but we always drive when we go out to dinner in Ballard.  But we’ve been pretty darn lazy lately and haven’t left the house much these past few days, so we really needed some fresh air and exercise.  I was sick of cooking, and we had a gift-certificate to the Hi Life restaurant, so I called Todd at work and made plans to meet him there.

It was pretty dark out, so I grabbed a headlamp,  Nadine grabbed her new skateboard, Miles grabbed his new scooter, and we were off.  It was just what we needed, and wow, did Nadine do great on her skateboard.  We had so much fun getting there that after dinner we kept skateboarding and scootering around the block, until we finally all jumped into Todd’s car and went home.