Until now, I never...
Watched a Movie from the Front Row


Ridiculous!  They shouldn’t even have built seats this close to the screen!  But, of course, we arrived a tad bit late on a Saturday night to one of the most popular movies out there, American Hustle.  The entire theater was packed – not one available seat – except in the front row.  Only two people were sitting in the front row.  I really really wanted to see this movie, so we took our seats next to this other couple, who ended up walking out before the previews were even finished.  I started to think we were crazy to be sitting in the front row, staring up at a 30 foot movie screen.  But I really really really wanted to see the movie.  So we stayed.  And we kind of got used to it, but it was still pretty uncomfortable.  The movie was incredible, but I don’t want to have to sit in the front row ever again.