Until now, I never...
Watched a Movie on a Kindle


Todd went skiing this weekend even though it was Miles birthday weekend.  He got an incredible opportunity to go back-country helicopter skiing with his friends, and they were getting an amazing deal, so we could afford it.  Todd was hesitant, but I said, “GO!  Miles can have a sleepover with two of his best buds, and we’ll have an official party another weekend.”

So tonight MIles and his two best friends “slept” in the basement, which is really my bedroom, so I slept with Nadine in her room.  Nadine had just gotten a Kindle Fire for her birthday last month, and she said I could borrow it along with her new earphones.  So while the boys made a ruckus downstairs, jumping on my bed and watching Lego Ninjas or something on the computer, I was in the comfort of Nadine’s beautifully tidy room, in her super comfortable bed, watching the Great Gatsby on her Kindle with the earphones on, while she slept.  It was delightful.