Until now, I never...
Watched Nadine Play Soccer


Nadine does gymnastics and Campfire Girls, and those have been her activities for the past few years.  But this spring she decided she wanted to try soccer, so we signed her up for a team a couple of her friends were on.  Today, Sunday, was her first game, and as the day got closer and closer, Nadine got more and more nervous.  “But I don’t know how to play soccer!”  “I don’t have any of the right gear!”  “Everyone else is advanced and I’m a beginner!” She would not let up.

Todd and I kept reassuring her, and Todd practiced with her, but it didn’t seem to help much.  She wasn’t going to get over this until she got through the game.  So today we went up to the field early, met her coach and the team, and I could tell from Nadine’s body language that she was really really nervous.

The coach didn’t put her in right away, and when he did he put her mid-field, and she did so great!  That girl is naturally athletic, focused, and competitive.  I was so proud of her, going after the ball, giving it her all, knowing she had so many butterflies flying around in her stomach.  I think it’s going to be a great sport for her, and great for her to be involved in a team sport.  Plus she just looks so darn cute in her soccer gear running around on the field with the other girls.

When the game was over Nadine seemed relieved.  I walked home alone to get some stuff done, while Todd, Nadine, and Miles stayed at the park for another two hours kicking the soccer ball around.  How cool is that?