Until now, I never...
Went Camping at Bowman Bay


We planned to go camping with our friends from Saturday through Monday of Memorial Day weekend.  Our friends were leaving on Friday night, but half-way there their RV broke down and had to be towed to the mechanic.  We thought the trip would be cancelled, but this morning they got a call that the RV was all better and we decided to take off.  When we made that decision it was beautiful and sunny, but as we started putting our stuff together and loading up the car, the clouds came and then the rain started.

We decided we’d still go, and so we drove north up I-5 in the pouring rain.  We arrived at Bowman Bay at around 4pm, and just as we stepped out of the car, the rain let up, and the kids made a dash to the beach to play with the other kids and climb on the rocks.  Meanwhile Todd and I set up our tent and settled in.  It was cloudy and cool, but the scenery was gorgeous.  So we hiked around on some trails, played with the kids on the beach, sat around the camp-fire, and made some yummy pasta for dinner.

Hooray!  We’d kicked off camping season and so far the rain was cooperating.  We stayed up late around the camp-fire, got yelled at by the 20-year-old park ranger for being too loud, and finally went to sleep in our tent.  It poured rain all night, and I got a bit wet, but everyone else stayed dry, and when we woke up in the morning, the rain had stopped and the clouds were moving out.  Nice.