Until now, I never...
Went Fishing from the Kayak


Swimming in the Gulf Coast, you are clearly not alone.  You see schools of dolphin swimming by, skates and sting rays often hang out just beneath you, and fish are jumping all over the place.  Sometime huge schools of fish start jumping frantically right next to you and it’s impossible not to think, I hope they’re not being chased by a shark.

And so today, coming off the success of the coquina soup last night, I thought I’d try fishing and see if I could catch something delicious.  So I borrowed my nephew’s fishing pole and headed out on the kayak to try my luck.  Funny thing is, I’m not sure I really wanted to catch a fish.  I kept thinking:  What was I going to do if I actually caught one?  What would I do with it while I paddled into shore?  What if I caught a really big one and it started to drag me out to sea or make me capsize?  What if I caught a shark?  What if a bird swooped down and took my bait and got hooked?  (That’s happened to me before.)

Even though these thoughts kept passing through my brain, I kept casting out my line, dragging it around from the kayak, reeling it in, and trying again.  I did this for about an hour, then called it quits.  I really didn’t want to catch a fish that badly.