Until now, I never...
Went on a Tour of a Distillery


A few months back we went to the kids’ school auction and I hadn’t planned to buy anything.  But as they got towards the end of it, and everyone at our table had been raising their paddles all night long, I decided to raise my paddle when I heard them auctioning off moonshine.  Why not?  But it threw me when the auctioneer asked me, “Just one?”  I said, “Um, yes”  I mean one bottle of moonshine sounded like too much, why would I want two?  But apparently I had misunderstood.  This was for a tour of a distillery that made moonshine, not for the moonshine itself.  Oops!  So I raised my paddle again and bought another, because Todd was definitely going to go with me.

So tonight was the night of the tour, and we almost didn’t go because I hadn’t made arrangements for the kids.  But Miles had gone camping with friends so it was just Nadine, and she had no problem calling up one of her buddies and arranging a last-minute sleepover.  Hooray!  Date night for Todd and me!

We drove down to SODO where the 2 Bar Distellery is, and found other parents from school gathering in the lobby.  Then we got to sample their whiskey, vodka, and moonshine.  All were good, but the moonshine was my favorite.  Next was the tour, which was super cool.  The girl that gave us the tour was a recent graduate with a chemistry major who clearly loves her job.  And I loved that they are successfully selling their products in lots of stores in the area.

After the tour we had some snacks and a delicious cocktail made from ginger beer, moonshine, and lemons, which was dangerously delicious.  I’m not much of liquor drinker, but I left that tour with a happy little buzz going.  And I think I’ll get Todd some moonshine for father’s day.  And some lemons and ginger beer…