Until now, I never...
Went to a Floating Water Park


This ‘I Never’ is right up there with riding a seaway in that it was SO MUCH FUN!  We pulled into Harrison Hot Springs last night.  Todd thought it would be the perfect place to spend the last day of trip, and to soak in some hot springs again.  The kids were all over the idea, having loved the Banff Hot Springs so much.  But that plan was immediately abandoned the minute the kids caught site of the water park floating in the middle of Harrison Lake.  So today, instead of soaking in hot water, we put on wet-suits and played all day on this ridiculously fun floating water park and in freezing cold water.  I’m not sure if my body is going to more sore from struggling to get out of the water and back on the rafts, or if my face is going to more sore from laughing the whole time.  You can read more about this super fun time in this post.  And check out these cuties:

Nadine and Miles at Harrison Hot Springs