Until now, I never...
Went to a Miró Exhibit

Miró: The Experience of Seeing

Last month I went on a field trip to the Frye Art Museum with Miles’s class and loved it so much.  So when he came up with a permission slip for a field trip the Seattle Art Museum to see the Miro exhibit, I signed right up to be a chaperone.  I love kids and art.  It’s my favorite combo.

Miles is in second grade and second graders are awesome because they are still so young and innocent and adorable, but they are also so capable and smart and articulate.  They love to hold my hand and give me hugs, but they can also look at a surreal painting and give their interpretation of what they see.  And what they see is so great!  For instance, for this picture one girl said that she thought it looked like a girl with a pony-tail lifting weights.  I can totally see that.

Woman Entranced by the Escape of Shooting Stars

“Woman Entranced by the Escape of Shooting Stars”

The kids seem to really love Miró’s work – both the huge colorful paintings and the smaller sculptures.  We had a wonderful guide who taught us so much, and clued us in on some of the shapes and images that appear consistently throughout his work, like a symbol for a woman, and another for a bird.  And I love this quote from Miró that was written on the wall at the museum:

 In painting, you should be able to discover new things each time you look at it. For me, a painting must give off sparks. It must dazzle like the beauty of a woman or a poem. It must radiate like the flints that shepherds in the Pyrenees use for lighting their pipes.

After we saw the exhibit, the kids got to do a project.  They were put into groups, given some clay and some other objects, and they were instructed on how to, as group, create a piece in the style of Miró.  Or course, what they created was fantastic.  Check ‘em out:

What a great morning we had! I am so grateful that my kids get to have these kids of experiences, that I get to tag a long, and that we live in a city with exhibits like this.