Until now, I never...
Went to a “Year of the Horse” Presentation


Chinese New Year began on January 31st this year, and this year is the year of the horse.  I was born in the Year of the horse, and I think I kind of have a horse-like face, so I think it’s going to be an interesting year for me.  To find out just how interesting, I went to a presentation on the Year of the Horse, given by my Alchemy teacher Beth.  She has such a great way of making this type of thing seem so normal and practical.  I love her for that.

Here’s an overview of what I learned:

  • The important principle of the year is “reciprocity”.  I take this to mean what you give is what you get, and that all relationships need to be treated with mutual respect and support.  This doesn’t just mean your relationships with other people, it should be applied to your relationships with everything.
  • How we respond to what the world gives us is entirely up to us.  We are not victims.  The actions we take and the decisions we make will determine our future.
  • Last year was the year of the Water Snake – a time of going down deep, internalizing and transforming.  This year, the year of the Wood Horse, is all about up, out and external.  It’s about action.  It’s about learning something new and it’s about committing to something.
  • Spring will be filled with child-like vigor and enthusiasm and the tendency to act on impulse.  While we should embrace new ideas, we shouldn’t be reckless.
  • The fall is when the energy of the year will mature and the qualities of a noble horse will emerge – courage, stamina, honesty, generosity, and enthusiasm.

Already I have felt the change in this year from last.  I’m as busy as ever, but I’m actually getting things done – things that I just couldn’t seem to get done last year.  But I am acting impulsively too.  Like on Monday night I was mad that everyone was so late for dinner, so I just up and quit cooking dinner.  We’ll see how that goes…

For a Horse like me, in the Year of the Horse, I am supposed to take extra caution about acting impulsively, especially in the spring.  But this is the year to take action on all that has been brewing last year since last year.  It’s time to do the big stuff.  Then next year, the Year of the Goat, it will be about refining what was set in motion this year.

How exciting!