Until now, I never...
Went to an Indoor Skateboard Park


Last night it rained like crazy and this morning Miles really wanted to go to the skateboard park with his friends, which is not really an option when it’s so wet outside.  But not any more!  Now if it’s wet outside we have a place to go skateboarding inside, and it’s awesome.  It’s at the store Evo in Fremont.  They have a huge indoor skate-park in their basement.  Brilliant!  You have to pay $10 to use it, but you can stay as long as you want, and the people who work there are the best.  So nice and so helpful.  They also have lessons, and while we were there there was a group of women getting what looked like their first lesson.  They were so cute in all of their gear, cautiously approaching each ramp.

Miles went nuts at this place.  He skated and skated and really challenged himself.  When he took off his helmet his hair was completely wet with sweat.

Another bonus about this place is that not only is the awesome store Evo upstairs, but so is the really delicious restaurant The Whale Wins.  So while the Miles and his friends and the dads were downstairs, my friend and I went upstairs went upstairs and enjoyed a beer and incredible sardine sandwiches.