Until now, I never...
Went to Edison, Washington

lucky dumpster mural

I was looking forward to this field trip almost more than I was Thanksgiving dinner.  Today, the day after Thanksgiving, five of us ladies piled into a big car and headed north to our friend’s clothing swap, in a little town near Edison, Washington.  This friend left the big city three years ago when she bought what she calls her ‘mini-farm’, in a ridiculously beautiful setting in the Skagit Valley.  Her mini-farm is oh-so-charming, filled with beautiful local art, and the clothing up for grabs was to die for.  I actually scored a pair of super cool, perfectly fitting, size 11 black flats, never worn, purchased in Paris.  Wow!

After the clothing swap we headed into Edison to check out the town.  It’s a tiny town which, according to the 2010 census, has a population of 133.  I also learned that Edward R. Murrow, the famous broadcaster, was from Edison.

This tiny town has a ton of personality, including a gorgeous gallery, arts and craftsy shops, artists and craftsmen’s studios, an incredible bakery, and a cool looking coffee shop, all on one small street.  I loved this place, even though a lot of stuff was closed, but that’s just a reason for me to go back.