Until now, I never...
Went to Revelstoke, British Columbia


We left Banff this morning and started heading west back towards home.  It was the eighth day of our trip and the kids had plowed through all of the books they’d brought, and were begging for new ones for the ride home.  While I was thrilled about their love of reading, I wasn’t sure where we’d find a bookstore in these parts.  But a few miles west of Banff is cute little town called Revelstoke, and so we decided to check it out and find a bookstore.  We parked on the main drag in town and started walking around.  There was a small farmers market going on which we checked out and where Nadine got a delicious smoothie which she smoothed up herself by riding a stationary bike with a blender attached.  Lots of locals were at the farmers’ market and wow, they all seemed super fit and buff, as if every minute they weren’t at the farmers market they were rock climbing or skiing.  I’m sure they could tell I was from out of town merely by looking at my unshapely arms and lack of large bulgy veins.

After the farmers market we found a small bookstore, and after much deliberation, they each chose a book. Now it was time to hit the road again.  Our destination was Harrison Hot Springs, a place Todd remembered visiting when he was a kid, which is just a couple hours north of the border crossing back into Washington.  Hard to believe the trip is almost over.

Here’s a picture of Nadine making her smoothie:

Smoothie Machine