Until now, I never...
Went to the Beach for the Lowest Tide of the Year


We live just a mile or so from the beach, yet every year we seem to miss the day that day in June when the low tide is at its lowest level of the year.  But not this year!  This year, even though it was slightly drizzly, we got our butts down to Golden Gardens at around 2pm, an hour or so later than when the tide was at its very lowest point, and started exploring the tide pools.  It was pretty fun turning over rocks and finding crabs, star fish and all sorts of other critters and we stayed for a couple of hours.  But I think the thing that excited the kids the most were the really bold, really large rats living in the rock wall at the edge of the beach near the tidal pools.  They could have cared less that we were poking around in their neighborhood, and just sauntered by, causing us to be fascinated and grossed out by them at the same time.  Then we sat by a nice little fire someone had abandoned in one of the fire pits in the sand and warmed our chilly fingers.  Just because it’s June in Seattle doesn’t mean that summer has arrived yet.