Until now, I never...
Went to the Frye Art Museum


I try to chaperone as many of the kids’ field trips as I can.  It’s the kind of volunteering that I love, and I just love elementary school aged kids.  Mix that with a trip to the art museum, especially one as cool as the Frye, and it’s heaven.

Today I went with Miles’s second grade class, and this may have been my most favorite field trip ever. The Frye Art Museum is located in the First Hill neighborhood, has a great permanent collection and rotating exhibits, and best of all it’s FREE!  How cool as that?

Today the kids first visited the gallery and checked out the permanent collection – an incredibly impressive display of framed paintings.  It takes your breath away when you first walk into that big gorgeous room.  They kids focused on just a few of the paintings, and I was so pleased that when our guide asked questions about the pieces, Miles wasn’t shy, raised his hand and responded thoughtfully.  I was so proud, and so happy that he was really into it.  Then they walked us through the Isamu Noguchi and Qi Baishi exhibit.  A beautiful showing of Chinese inspired ink paintings – huge paintings with big beautiful black brush strokes and white backgrounds.  I loved them.

Next we all went upstairs and the kids got to draw.  First they got a lesson in putting simple shapes together to make a larger image, and were encouraged to make full use of space and color.  Then they got to draw.  And there’s nothing I love more than to see a group of kids completely engrossed in drawing.  I went around and talked to each of them about what they were drawing, and they each had a story to go with their picture.  “This is a fish, and he’s a nice happy fish, but when he gets made his big teeth come out and he’ll chomp you!”  Each of those kids made a work of art, and when we put all of those works or art together, it was a masterpiece of amazing animals, monsters, color and imagination.

I’m in love with kids’ art, and now I am also in love with the Frye museum.