Until now, I never...
Went to the Spy Exhibit at the Pacific Science Center


Today I have three boys and one girl to entertain, and two of the boys tell me they don’t like to swim in lakes.  No problem, it was a little cloudy today so we could forgo swimming at Greenlake, and I had coupons to the Pacific Science Center, so instead we decided to check out the current exhibit there  SPY: The Secret World of Espionage.  I’m not sure how excited everyone was about this plan, but I was.  I wanted to see the gun disguised as an umbrella and the shoe-phone like in Get Smart.  And they had all this, and more!  Besides checking out all of the fun gadgets, we also got to crawl through a fake air-duct system, make our way through a room full of laser beams (we did this over and over for about an hour!) and put funny disguises onto pictures of ourselves.  I thought it was a really fun exhibit, except for the part when we had to exit through the gift shop and I had to constantly tell the kids I would not buy them a darn thing.

Guess who?

miles in disguise