Until now, I never...
Went with the Whole Family to a Mariner’s Game


When I moved to Seattle back in 1995, The Mariners were having a great season, Ken Griffey Jr. was a huge local celebrity, and my new friends were super into baseball, so I went to several games at the Kingdome, the ugliest indoor stadium I’d ever been to.  I really hated watching baseball inside.  It just seemed wrong.  But the games were fun and I was having the time of my life, having just moved to Seattle.

They blew up the Kingdome in 2000, and now the Mariners play at Safeco field, a truly beautiful new stadium with a retractable roof.  I’ve been to a couple of games – Todd and I went once when his friend had one of the suites, and two summers ago I took the kids and got bleacher seats.  But we’d never all gone as a family, until tonight.

Tonight we went with another family because they were selling tickets through school.  Todd wasn’t super into going, and Miles had a fit saying he didn’t want to go and that he hated baseball.  But we managed to get everyone there, and once you get into that stadium and the game starts, it’s pretty darn hard not to have fun.  The crowd, the lights, the big board, the music, the $10 drinks – it’s pretty hard not to get swept away.  Miles probably got the most into it, cheering and doing his special hip swinging dance moves.  We even had the added bonus of a pretty exciting game, and the Mariner’s won.